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Celadon Logistics relies on partner carriers to meet our customers’ transportation needs. We work with carriers of all sizes, from single owner/operators to large fleets. With thousands of loads moving each week, we are always looking for dependable carriers to support our business.

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How can partnering with Celadon Logistics help you?

  • Live Online Load Board
  • Available Loads 
  • Quick Pay Program — We pay via ACH within 3 business days of receiving the uncontested freight bill and clear POD (3% fee)
  • ACH Payments — Even if you're not interested in Quick Pay, we can still pay via ACH within 15 business days (no fees)
  • Submit Paperwork via Transflo — Upload your paperwork directly into our system, and receive a notification when we receive the documents — Download our TRANSFLO $Velocity Info Sheet
  • Nationwide Freight — Celadon operates in the United States, Mexico and Canada
  • Online Updates —We offer the ability to enter status updates online
  • Financial Stability — Our parent is a publicly traded company (CGI) and one of North America's largest truckload carriers



Get Paid Faster! 

TRANSFLO $Velocity helps you get paid faster by electronically submitting invoices and documents. TRANSFLO $Velocity is easy to use, reduces errors, and saves time and money. To learn more call 866-503-5707 or visit

Transflo$Velocity and Celadon Logistics